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Price: 125 EUR


Chopper Buran - belongs to the class of compact versatile multi-purpose axes - features 3 in 1: ax, meat chopper and machete. Really powerful tool.
Buran belongs to the Kizlyar’s Windy series along with Typhoon machete. Buran, in Russian, means strong snowstorm.


Knife blade - full tang, sharpened two sides - with a small extension on the spine - this small detail will help you comfortably turn over meat on the grill or take meat away the grill.


The extremely ergonomic Elastron G handle has excellent adhesive properties, so the Chopper Buran will comfortably sit in your hand even your palm is moist or greasy and can be using for long-term work without feeling wrist fatigue.

Original knife certificate.


Characteristics of the knife
Total length: 330 mm
Blade length: 190 mm
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Blade Width: 77 mm
Blade material: 65G

Blade processing: Black Chromium
Hardness: 55-56 HRC
Handle material: Elastron G
Case: Natural leather