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Kizlyar Supreme Clamp

Kizlyar Supreme Clamp

Price: 6 EUR

Kizlyar Supreme Clamp

The Kizlyar Supreme clamp was developed based on the requirement of more efficient use of tactical and hunting knives. The clip greatly expanded the functionality and ease of use of Kizlyar Supreme knives.

The clip-clamp is made of a special flexible and rigid alloy made of polyamide and fiberglass - this allows it to withstand high loads and deformations.

The clamp can be installed anywhere where the holes are suitable for mounting. Thus, the knife itself can be attached to various designs, such as belts, pockets, backpacks, etc.

The Kizlyar Supreme clamp is also used in Kizlyar Supreme outdoor knives, giving knives a chance for safer and more convenient placement.