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Kindjahl Wolf

Price: 1655 EUR

Kindjahl Wolf

Wolf dagger - Author's combat knifePiece of Art - a wonderful gift for a strong and successful person that reflects the depth of respect and esteem from their friends or family.

The blade is made of the highest class of Damascus steel  ZDI-1016 - ZLAtoust+Damask+INOXidable - content of alloying elements 16% (chromium, molybdenum, vanadium), average carbon content 1.0%.
The pommel and guard are made of Titan damascus ZlaTi. Decorative titanium damascus ZlaTi -patented damascus based on titanium alloys VT1, VT6 - analogue is Timascus.

The blade of the knife is made of two types of damascus steel - the central part of the blade is made with a so-called artistic relief pattern, the cutting part of the blade - fine directly layered damask.

The handle is a rare Makassar wood, which is also called Makassar Ebony.

The author:
Master armorer - Vasiliy Trofimov


Characteristics of the knife
Total length: 396 mm
Blade length: 256 mm
Blade thickness: 9.0 mm
Blade Width: 32 mm
Blade material: Damascus Steel ZDI-1016
Hardness:- HRC
Handle material: Makassar wood, Titan Damascus Steel ZlaTi
Case: Natural leather, Wood