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Pendant Feather

Pendant Feather

Price: 125 EUR

Pendant Feather

A Luxurious pendant made by the masters of the Nord Crown of the precious mammoth ivory that can be used also for knives and car keys. Mammoth tusks have been highly valued merchandise for centuries - the Mammoth Ivory Certificate of Authenticity is also included.


An incredible smallest details are depicted on the motif feather. Handmade Artwork.  An ideal gift for your girlfriend.


A Talisman that according to the Nordic peoples of Siberia, protects and delivers the power and energy of mighty mammoths.



Material: Mammoth tusks
Processing: hand carving
Manufacturer: Nord Crown - ZABOROWSKY


Bear on mind
When buying this kind of pendant, keep in mind that tusk of mammoth is a natural material that is over a million years old. This means that each pendant has its own and unique texture shape including lighter or darker areas that are not material defects.