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Shashka TKV-2 Dragunskaya

Price: 590 EUR

Shashka TKV-2 Dragunskaya

Shashka TKV-2 DШашка ТКВ-"Д" – model 1881, Shashka of the higher ranks of the Russian Imperial Army - Officer´s Shashka . Manufactured exactly according to the Tsar Decree from 1881.

Shashka TKV-2 D will be an excellent gift for a true connoisseur of historical cold weapons. Shashka can decorate the wall of your office or the living room of your house.


Original knife certificate.


Characteristics of the knife
Total length: 920 mm
Blade length: 780 mm
Blade thickness: 5.6 mm
Blade Width: 35 mm
Blade material: Steel 50X14 MF or import analog
Blade processing: polished
Hardness: 57-59 HRC
Handle material: Wood caucasus walnut,brass
Scabbard: Natural leather, wood, brass