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Nagaika Ustavnaya Combat

Price: 170 EUR

Donskaya Ustavnaya Combat

Nagaika - accompanied Cossacks throughout all their lifes: Cossacks hung a nagajka over a children cradle to protect against evil spirits, gave Nagaika to boys during learning to ride a horse, took Nagaika into battle, fought with Nagaika, Cosacks were punished with Nagaika and when the Cossack died, he was buried with Nagajka.


Nagaika is basically a whip to drive a horse, and at the same time is a weapon used in combat when Cossack lost shashka. The whip was the only way to survive.


Total length: 780 ± 10 mm
Handle length: 340 mm 
Handle thickness: 25 mm
Material: Natural leather, wood